I’m trapped in the wrong dream.
A nightmare that somebody’s having.
And every day my strength dies away; the giver and the given.

No one sees my pain.
No one knows my sorrow.
Nobody hears the dread that I feel, at every new tomorrow.

It’s a lonely road.
Not quite sure where I’m going.
And the weight of the rain that is falling is stopping me knowing.

When is it my time to crumble?
When is it my turn to fall?
When will I get the chance, to be so incredibly small?

Crushed like a snail underfoot.
Lost like a drunken night’s promise.
Tired of the climbing this hill all alone, if I’m honest.

But I carry on. Yes, I carry on
Because I have to. I need to.
There’s no other way; there’s another day.
Can I carry on? Can I be that strong? Forever.

(A work in progress)